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Prepping your Home for Photos: Checklist

Recommended Business: My personally curated list of favorites just in case you need a plumber, landscaper, handyman, anything!

Recommended in New Hampshire & Massachusetts: My personal recommendations for everything good in New Hampshire and Massachusetts 


Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Our goal is to capture the beauty and charm of your home, so we want to remove anything that may distract from that. We also want to make it easy for people to envision themselves in the space. Please refer to this list in order to prepare for interior photos of your home. This will help make the process run smoothly, and allow for the best possible photos of your home. (We understand that you may still be actively living in the space, so necessary items can just be temporarily hidden or stored for the duration of photos)

Living Spaces:

  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Turn off television sets
  • Put away pet-related items (beds, food & water dishes etc.)
  • Clear clutter off of counters such as loose papers, mail, purse, etc.
  • Remove throw blankets from the couch 


  • Remove photos, magnets and other things from the refrigerator
  • Clear the sink of dishes, washcloths, and sponges
  • Temporarily hide soap dispensers
  • Hide any trash containers


  • Make all beds
  • Hide all TV remotes
  • Put away any personal photos
  • Store all workout/medical equipment


  • Clear sink of personal hygiene items
  • Temporarily hide toothbrushes if visible
  • Fold towels neatly that hang on towel rails
  • Clean mirrors


  • Park your car across the street so that driveway and garage are clear
  • If you use a trash pickup service, please remove large bins from the driveway


Laura’s List of Recommended Businesses

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Preferred Landscape Services

(603) 440-8833




Cahill Roofing

(603) 889-8294


Laura’s Personal Recommendations

Where to Go in NH & MA

Parker’s Maple Barn- Brookline, NH

Doc Davis Ice Cream- Pepperell, MA

Lull Farm- Hollis, NH

Purgatory Falls- Lyndeborough, NH

Currier Art Museum- Manchester, NH

Hampton Beach State Park- Hampton, NH

Squam Lake- Holderness, NH

Salem Witch Trail Museum- Salem, MA

Whale Watching- Gloucester, MA

Prescott Park- Portsmouth, NH

New England Aquarium- Boston, MA

JFK Library- Boston, MA

Old Sturbridge Village- Sturbridge, MA

Pickity Place- Mason, NH

Red Arrow Diner- Milford, NH

Mile Away Restaurant- Milford, NH