Sold Delta Drive Home in Nashua, NH

Sold Delta Drive Home in Nashua, NH


“Laura Scholefield has to be the best Real Estate Agent in New Hampshire!”

I cannot say enough positive about my experience selecting and working with Laura to sell my house at 3 Delta Drive, Nashua, NH. Her professionalism, thoroughness, work ethic and loyalty were outstanding. And her fiduciary duties were at all times, in MY best interest. I have to repeat that, MY best interest After interviewing five (5) different agencies/agents, Laura exceeded my expectations, went leaps and bounds above the other 4 agents, and did her due diligence on my house.

When all was said and done, Laura sold my house for $15K to $45K OVER what the other 4 agents wanted to sell my house at. AND once the listing went live, within 3.5 days we had 3 offers in hand and the house was sold. All of the offers were OVER ASKING.

I know this may sound funny, but I would describe Laura Scholefield as a cross between the Every Ready Bunny (she keeps on going) and the Tasmanian devil (she constantly stirs up a wealth of positive activity all around her). She is full of positive energy and charisma -and excellent at her job!

Laura has and may upon request, provide my phone number so you may contact me. I didn’t put it here because I don’t want it published on the internet for scammers to pick up. Feel free to ask Laura and call me. I can tell you wonderful stories of the two open houses with endless visitors.

ln summary, I highly recommend (10+ rating on a scale of 10) that you bring on Laura Scholefield to be your Real Estate Agent. You will not regret it!

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